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Louisa County High School Volleyball



Player's have their own Team Hoodie! And we are also offering 2 designs this year for 

Spirit & Fan Wear!  


Place your order between now and February 21 -- we are going to deliver those orders to a practice on or before March 1.  

(Every effort will be made to also have the duffel bags and 1/4 zips delivered on or before March 1, as they are embroidered and take longer.)  

This store will stay open during the season.  Orders placed after February 21 will be shipped directly to the customer.  

(Please note, COVID has played havoc with our vendors -- no pun intended!  Right now, all of the products we're offering on your store are available, but that can change in a moment!  If we have issues getting the items you've ordered, we will try our best to let you know asap!)

Please contact us at 434-293-4558 or at if you have any questions about product, sizing, delivery times, etc!

Here's to a GREAT 2021 Season!!!!!

11 Item(s)

11 Item(s)