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Back in June 2007, John and I decided to go into the "team Sales business" and offer sports teams another local Central Virginia option for uniforms and spirit apparel. 

Within a couple of months, we ended up with a couple of employees and an office space....which turned into a retail store....which turned into more employees and a bigger retail store.  

And then the market crashed.  And the internet became a major source for anything and everything.  And our hard goods retail sales started going south.  

While our team sales business continued to climb, our retail sales dropped.  So in 2011, we moved to a smaller retail location.  And John and I became the sole "employees" of our new little space.  

Our "Niche." I think we finally found our niche!   John and I are both people people, and we love working with everyone and anyone who crosses our paths!  But our "niche" is school team apparel school spirit apparel, youth leagues, clubs, and organizations.  And businesses. Oh, and families!  Family Reunions are so fun!  

In the fall of 2017, we made the very hard decision to close our retail store.  I went through a major illness.  And John's mom, who lives in upstate Pennsylvania, became very ill.  It took weeks and weeks for the doctors to finally figure out she had Lyme's Disease!  Those 2 bumps in our lives made us take a hard look at what we could and couldn't do going forward.  I wasn't able to be at the store from 10 until 6 every day, and John going to have to travel back and forth between here and Pennsylvania.  

We still meet customers at our space at Pantops when they need something, as our stock is still there.  But we're also getting out more to meet with our customers on their home turf!  Which is really great for our customers and for us!  We're still having fun!